“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family”

Mother Teresa

Starting a Baby Business …

Creating the life you want

Did you have your own baby and fall head over heels in everything baby related and cant think about anything else ?

Do you cuoo over every baby you see or even get emotional remembering your own?

Do you want to raise a family but still have your own passion and contribution the the world ?

Do you want to create a supportive community for Mums ?

Do you want to spend more time with your baby ? not just 2 days a week?

With a baby business you can do all this ! work the hours you want around the life you want with your children and as you will be your own boss you can decide the balance between the two.

Spreading the Message of Love

Do you want to connect with other Mums ?

Do you want to change the world we live in by raising our babies?

Having a baby business can connect you to Mums in a way like no other, Their trust in you and eagerness to learn all about their precious bundle. Teaching Mums to love on such a deep level.

Low Costs , Low Risks

Are you considering starting your own business but worried about the cost implications as well as still needing to provide for your family?

Do you need a structured plan of how you can change your life?

We can help you start small with very little investment and could be done alongside your full or part time job, maybe taking up only an hour or so a week. We can give you the right infomation on which websites and social media platforms to use to save you time and money (and sometimes its free). Also with most platforms online you can cancel at anytime no questions asked, so It really can be risk free.

What we stand for …

When doing some research I found alot of “Gurus” and ‘Experts” educating on how to run a business and have kids but they mainly focused more on running the business with a side line of children , almost as if they are a hobby or side line thing. This just did not sit well with me and although I love being self employed and working for my passion my main purpose in life is to be a Mum.

So my aim is to help you start and grow a baby business but in the most simple and easiest way possible and then have a clear exciting plan and room to grow in the future when the time is right for you.

Our Extra Gift to you <3

We offer Mindfulness and wellbeing couching to help you create the right mindset for business and for a less stress lifestyle at home.

We can pass on all the useful infomation, website and books etc that we think can help you get to where you want to be, and feel amazing in the process.

We can explore together all our tried and tested methods of little extras to exceed your customers expectations and grow your business in such a loving and supportive way. To do things you never thought you would have the confidence to do.

We dont have all the answers

We are real, raw, vunerable and sometimes emotional but we believe this is what makes us different and makes us super passionate and powerful

We dont feel the need to promise you the world, just a better life, fun , excitment, easy and successful because when you lift the lid the possabilties are endless.

So come and join us if you want to have fun and stress less and let your real self flow and being part of something bigger.

We will support you and celebrate your mini wins along the way and together we can build a better world (bold statement I know!)

“Its not about how much you do, its about how much love you put into what you do that counts.”

Mother Teresa