Glad you have found us !

Hi My Name is Clare and I have been working in the Beauty industry for over 10 years now. I use to have an award winning medispa in Durham offering a variety of treatments including CACI Face toning and Rejuvapen and lots more beauty treatments. However after having my little boy and a birth trauma it has completely changed my life and changed the direction I want my therapy business to go in so I have ventured into the world of pregnancy and postpardum treatments and Baby Retreats.

With my previous knowledge and skills and my compassion to care I want to truely nurture new Mums and make them feel heard and cared for when they are at their most vunerable.

Now that I have experienced first hand how tough motherhood can be and not only that but real emotional health and physical health complains I know now what I need to do to love every minuet of my work and create more love in the world. They say hands are the extention of the heart and this says it all to me. ( Deep! I know!) I use my hands to heal,soothe and relax others.

My main purpose is to make all woman feel cared for and more relaxed and peaceful after leaving my salon. I like to think I help woman find their Zen and balance again.

So what are you waiting for?

Let go of the Mum guilt

Let go of feeling self indulgent

and make yourself happy !