Hi, and Welcome.

My Name is Clare and this is Zach. The boy who changed my life, for the better.

I have been self employed since I was 19 ( 10 years now) and despite all the highs and very low lows I would in no way go back to working for someone. The freedom and flexability being your own boss gives you and value in achieving your own goals is like no other feeling apart from love ovs.

Having being use to working very hard practically every day and studying a Business Degree I was un prepared for the demand a baby would be. (nieve I know, I cringe at my pre pregnant self for so many reasons !)

But despite the eventful first year we had together, the love and devotion I have for being Zachs Mum made me really feel the urge to change my business and life to be able to enjoy both and in a successful way.

I already have an award winning therapy business, so I set up another local business where we offer Pre and Postnatal Massage treatments and Baby Classes and will soon be expanding to a Retreat.

So… I now really want to share my knowledge and save you so many hours googling or youtubing how to set up a Website or Blog or a Teachable account etc… So I have done the hard work working it all out for you afterall the whole point is to make it simple and none time consuming so you can indulge in baby cuddles instead. (Cuddles are just the best arent they ?!)

I cant wait to get to know each other and your story that has lead you here…